Rubin Henkel


Hi there, thanks for finding my music.
My Name is Rubin and I like to paint the air.

My dad used to have a house in Ireland and I spent every summer there until I turned nine. It was a little cottage in the middle of nowhere in Barnacleagh. We had a garden with a little barn and I used to climb on it because I was able to see the ocean from up there or sometimes I would just lay on my back and enjoy the quiet.
I was always fooling around with instruments in that house taking them with me and experimenting with sounds and annoy everyone around me. Back home i went to a music school and sang in the cologne cathedral choir for many years, and learned to play the piano.

Most of my best memories are somehow linked to music or silence so i tried to combine them in one album which i s called "Ruhe" which stands for silence in german.


Ruhe Album cover final.jpg


"Ruhe" - My first piano album is a summary of some of my dearest melodies I wrote during my childhood on my first piano. Captured on old cameras, ipods and... Ruhe means Silence in English, happens to be the first two letters of my first and last name.

NTH Poster 6mb.jpg


"Nothing to Hide" - A feature length documentary about surveillance and you. I was asked to do the soundtrack and some sound design for the film by director Marc Meillassoux.

You can watch it for free on youtube or Vimeo.