Book Trailer (Music/Kamera/Sound)

Book launch of the the new psychothriller by german author Sebastian Fitzek.

Documentary (Music/Kamera)

NOTHING TO HIDE (2017) is an independent feature-length documentary dealing with mass surveillance and its acceptance by the general public through the "I have nothing to hide" argument.  

"Saying that you don't care about privacy
because you have nothing to hide,
is like saying that you don't care about freedom of speech
because you have nothing to say".
Edward Snowden

"Eye-opening" (Forbes), "Passionate" (Les Inrocks), "Very interesting... scary movie" (France 24), Screened in the European Parliament with debate on EU privacy laws, 17 Oct. 2017

Short Films (Music)

"Refugee Heroes" - An animated short film series ( 8 films and 8 touching stories of refugees )

Commercial (Music)

How to style bright colors | Editorial by Zalando


Commercial Campaign (Music/Sounddesign)

Acht Freiwillige hatten die Gelegenheit, Sebastian Fitzeks neuen Psychothriller „Der Insasse“ zwei Monate vor seinem Erscheinen zu lesen. Die Reaktionen der Testleser wurden mit versteckten Kameras gefilmt.

Ruhe Album cover final.jpg


Rubin Henkel composed his debut album "Ruhe" from age 12 until 17 and recorded those melodies in his Studio in Berlin at age 23.

The Album consists of his childhood memories and some of Rubin's dearest melodies.

10 Tracks