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Nothing to Hide

1h 30min Documentary

First Feature Film

NOTHING TO HIDE is a documentary film dealing with mass surveillance and its acceptance in the public through the "I have nothing to hide" narrative.

Directed by a pair of Berlin-based journalists, Mihaela Gladovic and Marc Meillassoux. As producers, they have assembled a multi-national team to question the growing, puzzling and passive public acceptance of massive corporate and governmental incursions into individual and group privacy and rights.

The NOTHING TO HIDE argument has not yet been investigated. Ignoring this question does not allow us to answer another: What kind of society are we building for ourselves and future generations? What does it say about us and our societies when we embrace the NOTHING TO HIDE justification?


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Hamburger Deern

Short Film


HAMBUREGER DEERN was a Produced by the German Production Company Qnovum.

The video went Viral ranking up to 950.000 views in less than a week.
It got featured on multiple Sites including ( / / / )



Shortfilms and Commercials

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